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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  September 4, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> we are back monday at noon eastern. "happening now" will start right now. have a wonderful labor day weekend, everybody.
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we'll go beyond the beltway to find it is all "happening now". but we begin this friday with the run to the and as you know. it will be far from over. and happy upon friday with the labor day weekend. i am leland viter in for "happening now". >> and i am molly line in for jennialy. what exactly has changed? >> ca l thomas, both fox news contributors. number one mr. trump's track record on keeping promises.
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first,ical, does this help him. now he is in the bed with the rnc? >> it takes the issue off of the table for the coming debates. and he can't be attacked as anything other than a republican. it is a good move for him. there is no legal binding thing to keep him in the party. he's been a democrat as long as he's been a republican. he's okay with higher taxes. he doesn't talk about spending. flipped on abortion and said the reason for that, he just talked to somebody with a story to tell. and woman on the other side with pro-choice. it is not center of conviction but all emotion and attitude. it is it a good tactical move in the short term. >> ellen, how does it play on the other side? in terms of looking at trump
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differently now he signed the pledge. does it make him more republican? >> i am not sure it makes him more republican. he certainly said on meet the press, he's looked over bad contracts and he didn't say it as such but knows where to look for the holes n. terms of the democratic side. people heard that on meet the press and they have some questions just as dr. cal does. democrats have real questions if this is a truism. >> no one is taking mr. trump right now at his word. carl cameron said the election calendars that trump could keep the pledge through the end of march when it is likely we'll know who the republican is and have time to get on the ballot
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as an independent cappedidate. and i am hearing you that that is a real possibility. you don't necessarily trust mr. trump. does it matter in may he decides to run as an independent. does it matter to anyone or will he blown this promise off as so many others? >> i mentioned contracts, i don't want to be judgmental. he broke contracts with previous wives and it said a lot about a man if he doesn't love, honor and cherish a wife until death do you part. the problem is the history of third party candidates. george wallace and ted kennedy challenging jimmy carter in the 1980 cycle divides the party and loyalties. and if he chose to run as ross
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perrot did and hand the election to hillary clinton or who ever the democratic nominee has to be. >> democrats have to be licking their chops at the possibility of him breaking his promise. >> i have so many democrats lick their chops since he said this i can't tell you, they are licking their chops. >> appreciate you both being here and we'll see if mr. trump lives up to his word and only time will tell. >> all the best. hundreds of thousands of migrants are pouring in to europe and spelling potential trouble for the eu as those in hungary vow to go to austria and germany. they are rejecting quota systems for accepting migrants and
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germany taking in thousands of refugees and urging their neighbors to do the same. greg is live in london with the difficult situation, greg? >> reporter: it is gone from crisis to chaos as thousands of refugees stream over europe. they are clashing with authorities and struggling for survival. it is explosive right now. outside of buda pest breaking out of the holding camp and marching to germany. they thought the train was taking them to the border. others are leaving by food from buda pest. that is a hundred miles away and no guarantee they will get through. they have been camped out in that hungarian capitol. and there is more where they are
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coming frchlt in greece, the ferry came from a greek island and those refugees had arrived coming from turkey. that is a short and perilous route that that young three-year-old toddler took when he and his brother and mother drowned and were found on the coast there in turkey. he was buried today by his surviving father in syria where they had fled like hundreds of thousands of other refugees. this is what their aunt in canada had to say today. >> this is [inaudible] they were going for a better life. it shouldn't happen. it shouldn't happen to them. >> reporter: the top u.n. official for refugees came out
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today and said europe has to take in 200000 refugees and prime minister cameron said this country will take in some. didn't specify the number. back to you. >> it is a difficult situation. a somber holiday weekend expected in the town where a policemen was killed. the hunt for the killers stretches in the weekend. and the word that the lieutenant will be buried on labor day itself, monday. investigators are scouring home surveillance video that a resident handed over. so far, police are stuck with only vague descriptions of the suspects. two white guys and a black guy and still out in force. >> fox lake police department has numerous units in their area
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and covering their streets. they are providing saturation patrols in the fox lake areas and that is to continue to check for suspicious activity and the offenders. we want the fox lake community to know they are safe and out there. >> his service weapon was recovered by investigators. it is unclear if he was killed with his own gun. another tragic death. a judge ruling that the illegal immigrant who admitted that he shot kate stienle will stand trial for murder. juan sanchez lopez admitted to shooting her. the case has sparked national
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debate on the sanctuary city laws like san francisco who protect illegal will immigrants from deportation. now a check from the markets. triple digit losses that is about 1.87 percent. onokvv department. they show employers added 173000 jobs in august and driving the unemployment rate down to 5.1percent. pardon me, that was not as good as the market expected and hence, that is the biggest loss and that is the largest unemployment rate since april of 2008. >> coming up, hillary clinton, the front runner with the democrats finally sits down for an intruchlt we'll tell you what
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she's saying and can it help her campaign. >> ten us fans caught off guard in new york. what was the drone doing in the stadium. and now that donald trump signed the pledge not to run as a third party candidate, do you believe it. go to fox"happening now" to join the conversation. miles from home. when the phone rang at 5am, i knew it was about mom. i see how hard it's been on her at work and i want to help. for the 5 million americans living with alzheimer's, and millions more who feel its effects. let's walk together to make an even bigger impact and end alzheimer's for good. find your walk near you at it's the brand more doctorsose recommend
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>> the texas woman killed in an upscale high rise was identified. the 35-year-old dentist was arking garage of a dallas buildinged. an older model jeep cherokee followed the car and when she arrived a person walked in her direction. they heard gun shot before the
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person got back in the jeep and left. police have not said whether they suspected them of killing hatcher. they called it a vehicle of interest. the u.s. open tennis match interrupted after a drone goes in to the stadium. david lee miller has more on on the details with this. >> indeed, molly. the u.s. open is supposed to be a no drone zone. as you mentioned that was not the case. during the second match, the drone flew over and crashed in an empty seat. they arrested a 26-year-old new york city high school teacher who lived not far from the stadium. he was flying the drone in
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a nearby park and lost control of it. one of the players said the incident was scary and that she feared it was a bomb. she went on over to win the match. and what is interesting here, the u.s. open is only three miles from laguardia airport where there is repeated problems with airplanes and drones. last may there was a drone 2700 feet. they are a problem for law enforcement and secret service and planes. new york senator charles schummer warned that more needs to be done to regulate drones before a deadly crash takes place. >> it is a hot topic. we have that coming up. >> we will discuss a couple of things. the technology outpace the law? and the other thing we'll talk
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to the legal panel about. it is all fun and games until someone gets hurt. what if the drone crashed in to someone in the stadium it would be a different situation. >> how did he get it in and unintentional >> these things can fly for a long way. >> this guy has a skelt an and gives people new hope for those who are paralyzed. what scientist are accomplishing with a bionic suit. >> five war ships inside of the u.s. waters. we'll tell you what the chinese say they were doing there.
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>> a team of scientist from ucla creating new hope, developing a robotic exit skeleton to help people walk with minimal assistance. it uses spinal stimulation and body sensors that you can see here. 39-year-old mark can walk and raise his heart rate. he was paralyzed from the waist down after a two story fall. he couldn't believe his progress and the awareness of my legs under me was addictive. >> you can imagine that. >> and chinese war ship spotted off alaska coast. they were first seen in theberring sea. this is the first time the u.s. military has seen chinese naval
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activity in this area. i am not a military expert but it seems that the fact that they are off of the coast of alaska while the president was visiting was not a coincidence. >> reporter: the u.s. navy is tracking the warships and the pentagon is not clear what the point of the journey in to the islands was other than a symbolic point. they most likely had to turn a round because of running out of supplies. the chinese navy does not have a lot of supply ships. the chinese ships are continually showing up off of the coast of the u.s. >> this is the first time we observed the chinese ships in the bering sea. we respect the nations to
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operate military vessels in international waters. >> reporter: they had been exercising in the sea of japan. a strange a liiance of unnatural bed fellows. we saw this in the mediterranean. and chinese war size exercising far from home and a clear message of nato not to get involved in syria and the pentagon took note on when it saw the chinese ballistic missile and a challenge to the u.s. navy in the pacific. and the secretary was asked why the u.s. didn't have parades. >> people know the strength of our military and i think it is safe to say we don't need to display for people to understand what the united states is capable of. >> reporter: what caught people's attention was the
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presence of vladimar putin upon in the chinese military show of force. that alliance has concern here in the pentagon. china and russia is seeming to probe america's defenses. >> we'll see if the u.s. responds. thank you. hillary clinton sitting down for a rare national tv interview among crittism of not making herself available to the media. look at what is at stake in the clinton campaign. and president obama vows to work with saudi arabia in the fight against isis. and the iran nuclear deal a hot topic with the saudi king. wee are live at the white house. listen up team, i brought in some protein to help rearrange the fridge and get us energized! i'm new ensure active high protein. i help you recharge with nutritious energy and strength to keep you active. come on pear, it's only a half gallon. i'll take that.
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call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> president obama is spending five trying to assure saudi arabia's king that the united states will keep iran and the nuclear program in check. they are meeting to discuss the imbattled agreement. saudi arabia is concernede fate the king is willing to cooperate with the u.s. to achieve stability in the region if that is possible. >> kevin, it seems like president obama is rolling out the red carpet, no pun intended.
10:29 am
>> reporter: no doubt about with it. you saw it firsthand in your coverage of the white house. this is an important moment in the relationship between two long- term friends and the relationship has been strained without question given the growth of iran's influence in the region. and so the saudi arabia king is here and he bypassed the camp david summit with arab leaders and that raised eyebrows. but in the oval office the president called the relationship strong and vowed to work to keep iran at bay. >> we discussed the importance of effectively implementing the deal it insure that iran doesn't have a nuclear weapon and counter acting the destabilizing activities in the region. joishgs leland, we have seen the protest all of the time.
10:30 am
and today, interesting, a large gathering of demonstrators pro and anti- saudi arabia and many of them yemeni. exchanging the views on human rights abuses in the kingdom. you can imagine the schedule is tight for the president. they are having a working lunch. it will be interesting to see how it will build. >> what is saudi arabia asking in return for their support? you be >> and hillary clinton finished her third national television interview. sitting down with andrea mitchell on msnbc. it is a controversy that she had
10:31 am
small ability. >> are you concerned that people don't trust the answers on this. >> i know the poll with republicans and democrats, but the first words that came to mind when asked about you were liar and untrustworthy and crooked. how does that it make you feel? >> it doesn't make me feel good. i am confident bite time the campaign has run its course that people will know that what i have said is accurate and i will do that in front of the entire world with the congressional committee hearing. >> howard kurtz here on fox news channel and thanks for joining us. >> hi, molly. >> what did you think about the key issue and biggest problem of the issue of trust how did she
10:32 am
do that? >> the trust gap. liar and crooked and so forth. that's the reason hillary clinton did the first interview in two months to try to calm that. that is crippling her campaign. she's taking a softer tonight. and not just dismissing and retreat to narrow legalistic defenses and being more sympathetic that they are questions. >> is she sorry? >> are you sorry and do you want to apologize to the american people? >> it was not the best choice. i have said that and will continue to say that and it was allowed and it was fully above board and the people in the government knew i used a personal account. it would be better to have two separate accounts to begin with
10:33 am
and certainly doing all i can now to be transparent. >> she said it would have been better. and in the end of the day i am sorry it is confusing to people. what do you think of her response on that? >> hillary clinton just can't bring herself to say i am sorry and i screwed up and not in her dna. a lot of people took it the wrong way, i am sorry it is confusing to people that strikes it is too complicated for people to continued. it is a perfect setting. andrea mitchell covered her for years and not a press conference. and yet she only gave half an inch and she continues to stick to the notion, yes, it was not the best choice but i followed the rules and i don't think she accomplished the goal of putting them to rest.
10:34 am
tension builds up and unanswered questions. and andrea didn't get to the former state department aide that pleads the fifth. >> she sounded lawyery. and this is what she said. >> the president of the united states has to be careful about what he or she says. i know people say i am careful about p what i say. for over 20 years, i have seen the importance of the president and leadery"@d?y8v of our natio world having to send messages that will be received by all kinds of people. loose talk and threat and insults have consequences. >> that is a dig to the other side of the aisle. your thoughts on that? >> it is true that a presidential candidate has to watch that. there is another reason she
10:35 am
chooses them legalistically. she's wary of the press. and has been since he was first lady. and if she gives any quarter her opponents will pounce on that and that is a problem for her and can't seem to fully relax in front of a tv camera. >> howard. tell us about the media buzz. >> we will sit down with with carly fiorina. and i asked her specking of hillary clinton, why carly fiorina had words of praise for the former first lady. >> she's hard working and intelligence and for emthetic and focused and dedicated it to public service. and lied. she lied about benghazi and e-mail and her server and i do not think we can permit her to be president of the united states. >> interesting pivot.
10:36 am
>> she switched gears midway. very tough, very tough. >> thank you so much. and we appreciate your interview today and catch media buzz. that is this sunday and watch howard's interview with carly fiorina. 11:00 eastern right here on the fox news channel. >> right now, police in california on the hunt for a gunman in a deadly shooting on a campus in sacramento. one officer was killed and two others hurt in the attack. one of those victims was a student. we'll have more from will. >> reporter: leland, authorities are looking for the gunman and students are making their way back on the campus. police in sacramento are calling it an isolated incident. it went down on campus as a two
10:37 am
year community college in south sacramento that has an enrollment over 25000. and a lot of the students on campus when the shooting took place. there was an altercation and gun and knife were pulled one killed and one injured and another grazed by a bullet. they are calling the is a adult made pacific islander. time. students say it took 40 minutes to get a text message alert from the college. >> no body giving us information. people are walking aimlessly. and they are scared where do we go. shot. someone was shot over there. and you think the shooter is running around and they sent us out like sitting ducks. >> reporter: there is a variety of way to alert students.
10:38 am
facebook and e-mails. and virginia tech allowed those on the campus. there have been 16 shootings in the u.s. since then. and there have been five this year alone including the shooting in sacramento. >> scary. will carr, thank you. a world war ii legend closer to it reality. treasure hunters have proof that a nazi train filled with gold really does exist. and a college student. why she is driving this army jeep to get to school these days.
10:39 am
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>> happy friday. coming up on the real story today. breaking news on the murder of kate stienle.
10:42 am
the judge made a ruling about the illegal immigrant accused of killing her. and another update on the hill. which staffers are talking and which takes the fifth. sdmshgs a georgia football team getting in trouble for a mass baptism. do they have freedom of religion off of the field? >> and a nazi train filled with gold has been found. they released the image that shows that armorred train. tales of the retreating nazis leaving this circulated. polish soldiers are at the spot where the train could be zp3%h>. they will cover the cost of digging up the train. and a new york teacher under
10:43 am
arrest for crashing a drone in the u.s. open. the drone was flying over the court thursday before crashing. no one got hurt but the 26-year-old teacher faces charges of reckless endangerment and operating the drone outside of a prescribed area. >> and joining us is the attorneys. whitney reckless endangerment. he wasn't trying to hurt anybody. but flying a drone bite stadi stadium -- by the stadium is not smart. and flying banners over the stadium is not smart either. bottom line it is an accident. are we saying that someone flying a five pound drone and
10:44 am
arrest them for it? and president obama sends out drones that it kill innocent citizens and that is fatal and that is okay? >> it is it a big ca sym to get in foreign policy. we'll stick to the drones in the united states. is technology getting ahead of the law. and when you are allowed to use these. >> i think it has. >> chip? >> and i think so, too. chuck schummer said new york city was becoming the wild west with the drones all over. and we need to have laws. and so the manufacturers of drones arem%ytdx"ú encouraging to come out with regulations to prevent people from doing what the teacher was doing it. flying it in a heavily populated area. if they malfunction and around
10:45 am
people they can do a lot of harm. >> i don't disagree. it is not reckless endangerment. >> if i operate the drone, don't i haveh drone. >> there is a difference between it being a crime and legislate. >> on the other hand. >> it is not reckless endangerment. is a kite reckless endangerment and falls and hurts somebody. >> there is a big difference between the kites and drones. manufacturers say you are endangering other people. and no different than a bullet. you don't intend to hurt anybody. >> it is not a fire arm. >> but just there is no intent what so ever to harm anybody. >> and no reckless behavior.
10:46 am
>> but when they malfunction we want to make certain you are operate nothing an area where they are in an area they can't hurt anybody. >> it was an area near laguardia and thankfully it crashed there and not in the airport. >> moving on texas state university student found a new way to get around after having her driver's license suspended because of getting a dui. tarra monroe is now driving a pink barbie jeep of hitting five mile per hour. she had her license suspended after refusing to take a breathalizer test. do you need a license to drive the barbie jeep? >> no, you don't. it used only on sidewalks and
10:47 am
not on the road. the truth of the matter she didn't want to it roadway a body. she can put her body in the thing for babies n. college you do a lot of crazy things. >> to that it point. she said it is the best moment of 15 minutes of fame and best decision i made in college yet. it makes one wonder about the decisions she had made in college. some level, if an adult wants to drive down the sidewalk in this a barbie jeep not much you can do about it. >> are we saying the toddlers can't ride with them? you can drive around in it and she may not have a good track record. and she is presumed innocent. but i give her all of the points of style and pizazz and i have not seen.
10:48 am
it i am in florida and see people who ride allegators and golf carts. >> the national enquirer pub lished. it can she get pulled over and stopped on the barbie jeep. is she a barbie girl in the world right now? >> reckless endangerment of others on the sidewalk. police can stop you for a the lot of things. >> we'll leave it with the words of tara. i make my friends walk behind me like parents taking the kid out to play. her 21st birthday is coming up. thank you so much. >> are good laugh, guys. molly. >> donald trump is one of several political outsider shaking up the campaign. what is driving the trend toward
10:49 am
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and temperamental television... in one. welcome to the moment no one's been waiting for. the fastest internet and the best tv experience is already here with x1. only from xfinity. . the next generation of space shifts has a futuristic name. it's the star liner. they're expected to begin carrying astronauts to and from the international space station. boeing is unveiling a new facility in florida where the star liner will be built. an old space shuttle maintenance hangar at kennedy space center. they have contracts to build the spacecraft with the first
10:53 am
launches scheduled for 2017. so awesome. right now, a lot of hand wringing among the political class over so-called non-professional politicians making waves in the early part of the presidential race. like billionaire real estate developer donald trump. brain surgeon dr. ben carson and former hewlett packard ceo carly fiorina. what's driving middle americans to embrace the campaigns and ditch the old career candidates is the question. chief correspondent jonathan hunt ventures to california to find out. thanks so much. >> palm dale here in the heart of the antelope valley is a racially and economically diverse city and a plain spoken one when it comes to presidential politics as we found out in our conversations from the bookstore to the barber shop, to the horse ranch. >> i think people are really
10:54 am
frightened of the legacy thing. clinton .2, bush point 3. >> she is watching the political horse race very closely e. she sees why voters are backing outsiders, even if she doesn't personally like any of them. >> i'm waiting for the pendulum to swing back. >> over a very close shave at bb's barbers, the owner explained his view that career politicians are suffering because they're out of touch. >> until one of them walks into my shop and come and asks me what do you need from us, what can we do for this community, until that point, it's just politics. at least that's the way we see it. >> at her small book store, michelle echoed thee sentiment that insiders give little thought to the struggles of americans. >> they care about winning the
10:55 am
next election, their election. they just want people to give money to their coffers. >> if there is any crumb of comfort for the establishment candidates, it's in this, pretty much every voter we spoke to here said they believe the outer surge will ultimately fade and that politics as usual will ultimately prevail. even if none of them much like politics as usual. molly? >> a little cynicism there. you covered a lot of ground. thanks, jonathan. leave it to jonathan hunt. if you're a fan of old time arcade games. when is the last time you play ed a pinpball machine? it's back to the future, the final 30 coming up. ed a pinball machine? it's back to the future, the final 30 coming up.
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like the music holiday weekend coming up. it's the time for the final minute. jerry and teresa of staten island will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary in a special way. you see the picture from their wedding night from 60 days ago. they're going to pay $21 a night at the waldorf astoria hotel. that's how much they paid on their wedding night. russia's capital city is number one in unfriendliness. according to a survey. moscow residents disagrie ing with with the poll. one for the record books, the world's largest arcade gaming machine standing 14 feet high and you can play more than
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200 classic arcade games like pac man and tetris. there is a whole bunch of kids asking their parents what are pac man and tetris. and pinball, too. thanks for joining us. the real story with gretchen starts now. will he or won't he? vice president biden hints which way he's thinking for a presidential run. did hillary apologize for her e-mail scandal? that was happening as her former aides continue to testify. one team in hot water for baptisms on the field. the real story starts right now. let's kick off the friday with politics. hillary clinton is telling the american people she's sorry for confusing everyone with her e-mail scandal. but


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